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Leximco has special prices for flights and hotels in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and other countries. If you need travel visa to your destination, like visa to Russia, visa to Kazakhstan, visa to Ukraine, Visa to Belarus just go to our page dedicated to visas – http://leximcotravel.com/visa-service/

Canadian and US passport holders may travel to Kazakhstan without visas . If you have Canadian travel document then you need to go through visa scrutiny procedure, including personal visa interview in front of the consul of Kazakhstan. One of the cornerstones is to get proper letter of invitation to visit Kazakhstan. Then have your visa file properly prepared and double-checked. As all this is not an easy task considering that Kazakhstan visa officers are trained to single-out the incompatibilities in the documents of your visa file we advise you to obtain the assistance of professional visa agency to prepare your documents and brief you on the interview intricacies.

Same goes to the visas to Ukraine and visa to Belarus. If you are an expat living in Canada with ‘blue’ travel document and especially if you are from Afghanistan, Iran or Pakistan it would be advisable to contact the proper travel visa services provider in order you application is a success and you get visa that you want.