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Sooner rather than later COVID-19 will be a thing of history. Start now to prepare to meet marvelous Vietnam. To enjoy your Vietnam trip it is advisable to organize your trip properly. If you are not sure in the details and schedules engage live travel agent – a disappearing specie. Otherwise just book your Vietnam flight and hotel on line. Same goes for visa to Vietnam.

One of the must participate in attractions is a river cruise. Amid the hot air of busy and stressful living in Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC), an oasis awaits in the form of a peaceful, quiet evening touring the city on the Saigon River.Dinner tours are available every weekday evening and weekend afternoons aboard restaurant ships found at Bach Dang Wharf.

In the center of the fastest developing city in Vietnam, two three-floor ships with a capacity for 500-700 visitors each appear luxurious, lit up and reflecting in the peaceful flow of the Saigon River.The ships anchor at the Bach Dang Wharf, walking distance from the center of the city, where you can see the lights glowing from a line of ships along the riverbank. Each ship has its own style and food, ranging from Asian to Western dishes, but have similar entertainment programs during the one-hour trip along the waterway.

You can choose one of four ships docked in the Bach Dang Wharf, each of which upholds high standards for service and food. However, the ship of Saigontourist is popular among local and foreign visitors as a result of its style and friendly staff. Along the riverbank on Ton Duc Thang Street, staff stand waiting to welcome visitors from car or taxi; beautiful girls in Navy uniforms stand two by two to greet guests with a smile.

Sunday nights, the ship has an escort band playing to welcome diners. The restaurant is quite luxurious, with the first and second floors catering to Asian-food tastes and the third home to Western food and bar. Dinner and drinks on the ship aren’t more expensive than on land, and visitors pay only VND10,000 for an entrance ticket.

The routine begins each evening at 8:30pm, though guests are welcome to arrive early. Reservations are also available via phone. As the ships leave the wharf, the noises of the city fade away. Staff stand at the wall of the ship and salute the shore as though they were leaving on a long journey.

The food on the ship is tasty and extensive, but the highlight of the evening is the entertainment program. During the one-hour tour, guests can sing karaoke, play violin, dance, and play games. The act that attracts the most visitors every night is the fire dance. A young woman dazzles audiences by dancing with fire, encircling

it about her waist before bringing it up over her head. At the end of the fire dance, the trip is halfway through. Next is music and karaoke sung by both performers and guests in English, Vietnamese, Japanese, Chinese or Korean.

For those with not enough time during the week, a buffet lunch with more than 40 course of Asian and Western on the same ship of Saigon Tourist is active on the weekend, from 11am to 3.30pm every Saturday and Sunday with prices of VND99,000 for adult and VND69,000 for child.

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